Evangelical-Lutheran Church “Concord”

Taste and see that the Lord is good! (Ps. 34:8)

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Our Church

The Evangelical Lutheran Church – Concord is one of five officially registered Lutheran churches in Russia. It was formed with the help of missionaries from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (USA) near the end of the 20th century. Back in 1992 a group of believers from Novosibirsk’s Akademgorodok invited missionaries to organize a conservative Lutheran church in Russia. In 1996 our church became a separate entity from the Wisconsin synod (WELS). Our church is a member of an international conference of conservative Lutheran churches (CELC). There are six congregations in the church, served by three Russian pastors and two American pastors/missionaries. The chairman of the synod is Alexei Evgenyevich Fehringer. The secretary of the synod is Arkady Pavlovich Sedelnikov. Some important dates in the history of our church:

1990 – With the fall of the Iron Curtain, the doors in Russia are now open to the work of foreign missionaries.

1992 – After an exploratory visit by invited missionaries, a small group of Lutherans formed in Novosibirsk.

1993 – A humanitarian organization, “Christian Information Center,” was founded in the scientific center of Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok.

1994 – A few hundred people study the foundations of the Christian faith by means of the course, “Communicating Christ.”

1995 – Humanitarian help for invalids was begun.

1996 – The church became a separate entity from WELS and received membership into the CELC. Two more information centers were opened.

1997 – The Bible Institute and seminary were opened.

2003 – First graduates of the seminary

2004 – Church is officially registered in Moscow with the Russian government

2013 – Two students of the seminary called to serve as vicars in the church

2014 – Two graduates of the seminary called and ordained to serve as pastors in the church

2015 – Christ the Savior congregation from Sevastopol joined our synod